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Tue 09 December 2014

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So here's a little about me and this blog.

I'm fairly new to formal programming. In the past, I had dabbled in Access and Excel and played with VBA and SQL. I always loved the logic of it. But recently, I decided to jump fully into programming. I found a great mentor and was advised to start with Python.

I got a few books and was directed to some awesome websites and of course the Python docs. And then got started.

Many of those resources were great. And some were more confusing than useful - at least to me.

And then, I had the most wonderful opportunity to be accepted to the Hacker School program in Fall 2014. On the Hacker School website, they call it a 'retreat for programmers', and it was. For 12 weeks, I was fully immersed in programming - with great facilitators and mentors who assisted and guided me through the many questions I had. I also got to work with fellow Hacker Schoolers in peer programming. And there were lots of break out discussions and workshops and resources. I will probably write more about the Hacker School experience.

And this blog is about sharing some of those discussions - so that someone else may benefit. I will write my blog in the way that I learned. Lots of practical application of the many different methods and libraries and all. With lots of explanations of what the code means and links for further reading.

I'm always learning, so your comments are helpful.

Dee Kras

early winter 2014


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